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School Turnaround Learning Community

School Improvement Grant (SIG) funds flow through states to districts, under a competitive process, to support rapid improvement in the states’ lowest-performing schools. Each SIG school must adopt and implement one of four turnaround models. Schools that do not receive SIG funds are also tasked with turnaround under state or district accountability programs.

School turnaround, with its rapid pace of expected improvement, requires vigilant and proactive oversight and support from districts and states. The School Turnaround Learning Community (STLC) provides states and districts with easy online access to resources that will enable them to support schools, particularly those that are low performing, more effectively.

Both research-based practices and practical examples from states, districts, and schools inventing on-the-ground solutions are available on STLC. This U.S. Department of Education-funded project provides one-stop access to these resources, and promotes and facilitates sharing across states and districts to deepen learning over time.

STLC includes:

  • Focused groups that provide webinars, discussions, and resources (e.g., Increased Learning Time, Teacher Effectiveness)
  • A resource library focused on topics including Building Capacity, Using Data to Support Effective Turnaround, and External Partners
  • Discussions created by and for users
  • A member search to enable educators to find and interact with others who have similar roles

WestEd, in partnership with RMC Research Corporation and American Institutes for Research, directs this key initiative.