Continuous Improvement: What It Is, What It Entails, and How To Do It

Continuous Improvement: What It Is, What It Entails, and How To Do It

Calls for “continuous improvement” commonly arise in discussions about school improvement. But what exactly is continuous improvement? Educators have varying definitions and many haven’t experienced continuous improvement in practice.

This brief helps to define continuous improvement, including what it looks like in practice, and was used during a stakeholder convening in 2017 to facilitate discussions about how to move California’s K–12 education system toward continuous improvement at scale. The brief

  • Explores what is known about continuous improvement from the literature in education and from other fields
  • Examines the findings from recent interviews with stakeholders at various levels of California’s education system, including more than 40 leaders from state education agencies, county offices of education, school districts, technical assistance providers, education advocacy organizations, and education associations
  • Discusses the extent to which school districts are engaged in continuous improvement efforts, how they define continuous improvement, and the gaps in support for this work
  • Presents next steps for educators

Visit the Continuous Improvement in Practice resource page to learn more and download your copy.

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