WestEd Studies Relationship Between Meditation and Student Well-Being

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Preliminary research conducted by WestEd staff demonstrates a stress reduction program has a positive impact on 9th-grade students’ well-being and student attendance.

“Practicing Transcendental Meditation in High Schools: Relationship to Well-Being and Academic Achievement Among Students,” published in Contemporary School Psychology (July 2015), describes the study and preliminary findings.

WestEd researchers Staci Wendt and Jerry Hipps co-authored the journal article, which summarizes their study on the Quiet Time program and its effects on students.

“For me, the most important take-away was finding out that there is something worth studying here,” says Wendt in a Sonima blog post, “Why Kids Need Quiet Time.”

The Quiet Time research study lays the groundwork for future, more rigorous research on transcendental meditation and its relationship to students’ well-being and academic achievement.

Read the Contemporary School Psychology article abstract and blog post.

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