WestEd's Julie Nicholson Publishes Findings in Early Child Development and Care

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Article: A Review of the Literature on Leadership in Early Childhood: Examining Epistemological Foundations and Considerations of Social Justice
Publication: Early Child Development and Care (peer-reviewed)
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication Date: April 5, 2018
Related WestEd Author: Julie Nicholson
Related WestEd Program: Center for Child & Family Studies

From the abstract: With the increasing acknowledgment of the benefits of early childhood education, there is a need to ask critical questions about whether ample leadership exists for guiding ambitious systemic change in the field. This review of leadership in early childhood educational contexts between 1995 and 2015 examines the epistemological assumptions embedded in the literature (and those advantaged and marginalized as a result), the expressed purposes of leadership work and specifically, whether, and to what extent, considerations of social justice and equity have been included in leadership theorizing.

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