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Archived Webinar

Results of the 2017/19 California Healthy Kids Survey

Recorded on November 06, 2020

This archived webinar highlights the ​​results of the 2017/19 State of California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS), the largest statewide student survey of resiliency, protective factors, risk behaviors, and school climate in the nation.

Greg Austin and Leslie Poynor of WestEd’s Health and Justice Program shared new data on student​ well-being; social, emotional, and mental health; alcohol, marijuana, and other drug use; ​and ​tobacco use ​and ​vaping​.​

Who Will Benefit

  • County offices of education
  • School, district, and state-level coordinators and leaders
  • Community-based health and prevention organizations

What You Will Learn

In addition to receiving an overview of the survey ​findings​, learn about:

  • The contents of the survey
  • The data collection method
  • The public data dashboard
  • The use of data to inform programming


  • Gregory Austin, Senior Program Advisor, Health & Justice Program, WestEd
  • Leslie Poynor, Research Associate, WestEd, and State Coordinator for the California School Climate, Health and Learning Survey System