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2019 English Learners & Literacy Professional Services and Resources Catalog


Today’s rigorous achievement standards make strong literacy skills more important than ever for students. Across content areas, students are expected to build a deeper understanding of academic subjects, explain their thinking, and apply knowledge to new situations.

The English Learners and Literacy Catalog presents services and resources that are designed to support the needs of English learners and students with low literacy skills in the general education classroom.

What WestEd Offers

Whether your district or school is seeking comprehensive improvement support or has decided to focus on just one or two areas of need, WestEd can help. This catalog describes a range of services, each conceived to address a common challenge in today’s K–12 education endeavor.

This catalog also presents an array of improvement-oriented publications and other resources that can be used either on their own or as supporting material with our services.

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Product Information

Product #: CM-19-02
Copyright: 2019
Format: PDF, Print
Pages: 24
Publisher: WestEd