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Archived Webinar

A Close Encounter, Through the Writers' Eyes, of the New ELA/ELD Framework

Recorded on September 17, 2014

Lead writers of the California Department of Education’s English Language Arts/English Language Development Framework for California Public Schools share important understandings included in the new framework.

In this archived webinar, you will also gain information on the instructional strategies that support the goals of the Common Core State Standards and the English Language Development Standards.

Pamela Spycher, Senior Research Associate at WestEd, served as one of the webinar presenters. Spycher is an expert on teacher professional learning, comprehensive school and district improvement, and academic language and literacy instruction—particularly for English learners and other linguistically diverse students.

Webinar Presenter(s):

Nancy Brynelson Nancy Brynelson
Hallie Yopp Slowik Hallie Yopp Slowik