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A Multistate Review of Professional Teaching Standards

By Melissa Eiler White, Reino Makkonen, Kari Becker Stewart


California is revising its state teaching standards. This report, developed by REL West at the request of key education agencies in California, provides an overview of the teaching standards in six states—California, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas—purposefully selected to inform California’s revision process. California’s current teaching standards are also reviewed as a point of comparison.

Three questions guided the research:

  • What is the target group of teachers for the teaching standards?
  • What is the structure of the teaching standards?
  • To what extent does the state teaching standards address instruction of English language learner students, instruction of students with disabilities, use of education technology, and instruction in the context of accountability and student learning standards?

This report presents the key findings of the review.

Supplemental materials for this report are available: Teaching Standards: Profiles for Six States (PDF) and Profiles of Key National Teaching Standards (PDF).

Information about the regional educational laboratory (REL) system and other REL publications can be found at the National Regional Educational Laboratory Program.

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