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Archived Webinar

A National Perspective of K-12 Online and Blended Learning: Current Issues and Trends in Policy and Practice

Do you want to learn more about models for integrating online/blended or competency-based learning programs? Are you interested in learning more about current issues in this area?

The field of online and blended learning holds tremendous potential for improving the learning and achievement of all students.

The International Association for K-12 Online Learning recognizes the transformative potential of technology-enabled new school models to catalyze change in the K–12 sector by removing instruction from the confines of a physical classroom.

Digital learning has the ability to personalize instruction to meet each student’s individual needs and interests through competency-based, online and blended learning models. 

This archived webinar highlights the important trends in innovations around policy and practice in the field of K-12 online and blended learning.  

David Haglund, Principal of Riverside Virtual School and Director of Educational Options for Riverside School District in California, highlights his districtwide programs, why online learning matters, and helps clarify some of the most pressing issues in the field. 

Online learning is changing policy at the local, state, and national level and has implications for funding and budgeting, policies, quality, curriculum, and instruction. 

This archived webinar was designed for district and state administrators as well as technical assistance providers.

Webinar Presenter(s):

susan patrick Susan Patrick
David Haglund David Haglund

Materials from the Webinar