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Archived Webinar

All Students Who Live in the United States Have a Right to Public Education

Recorded on June 04, 2013

Thirty-one years ago the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that state and local education agencies are required to provide all children equal access to public education at the elementary and secondary levels.

In recognition of this important ruling known as Plyler vs. Doe, the Region IX Equity Assistance Center at WestEd is continuing its efforts to raise awareness and encourage all parents to enroll their children in school.

The education of undocumented students is guaranteed by the Plyler vs. Doe decision and certain procedures must be followed when registering immigrant children in school to avoid violation of their civil rights.

In this archived webinar, Alejandra Rincón, author and consultant, gave a brief history of Plyler vs. Doe, and shared resources available to help parents enroll their students in school.

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