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Alternative Accountability Policy Forum Proceedings 2014

By BethAnn Berliner, Lori Van Houten


Academic and personal circumstances can make regular school attendance and earning a diploma difficult for students who are over-age and under-credited for their grade; have dropped out or returned to school for another chance to earn a diploma; and/or face homelessness, family abuse, incarceration, gang involvement, and/or other personal circumstances.

WestEd’s BethAnn Berliner and Lori Van Houten were invited to attend, document, and analyze a recent policy forum that explored education policy and practice options, focusing on alternative accountability measures, to improve outcomes for at-risk students and the alternative schools that serve them. Over 50 presenters shared research, described promising practices, and advocated for policy changes.

This report includes key takeaways from the forum, plus 10 recommendations for schools, districts, and policymakers.

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