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Beyond Tracking: Multiple Pathways to College, Career, and Civic Participation

Edited by Jeannie Oakes, Marisa Saunders


How can we best prepare high school students for college and/or career? The contributors to this book, including Andrea Venezia, believe the solution involves using multiple pathways.

Contributors to Beyond Tracking are not referring to the multiple pathways academic ability tracking system that marked so many American high schools during the past century.

Instead, they propose a system of multiple pathways that will provide students with both the academic and real-world fundamentals needed for higher learning, training, and preparation to be responsible members of their communities.

Venezia and fellow contributors propose four main components for multiple pathways schools:

  • A college-preparatory core
  • A professional/technical core
  • Field-based learning and realistic workplace simulations
  • Additional support services to meet the particular needs of students and communities

Students and their families would be able to choose from among a variety of options, all of which lead students to the same destination: the groundwork to succeed in both college and career—not one or the other.

In its detailed and innovative examination of multiple pathways, Beyond Tracking makes an important contribution to current discussions about high school reform and the education challenges of the 21st century.

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ISBN: 978-1-934742-04-4
Copyright: 2008
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 336
Publisher: Harvard Education Press

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Praise for this Resource

  • “Beyond Tracking offers a compelling view of multiple pathways and how they might transform American high schools. In its insistence that fundamental reforms are needed — and in its detailed consideration of how reformed high schools would better prepare students for both college and work — this book is an indispensable contribution to efforts to reimagine, and improve, high school education in America.”

    Ramon C. Cortines, Senior Deputy Superintendent, Los Angeles Unified School District
  • “Beyond Tracking is a call to arms. Especially notable is that it presents citizenship as a core element of student learning. This link between learning and citizenship has been undervalued in our current quest to reform American public schools.”

    Wendy D. Puriefoy, President, Public Education Network