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Bridging Cultures: Teacher Education Module

By Carrie Rothstein-Fisch


Bridging Cultures: Teacher Education Module helps preservice and inservice teachers be more successful in working with students and families from immigrant cultures. As a starting point for understanding differences between home and school cultures, the module offers a framework for teachers to engage in strategies that improve home-school communication and parent involvement—factors that are known to be associated with higher student achievement.

The centerpiece of the module is training resources, including an outline, an agenda, and a well-tested, three-hour script designed as a lecture-discussion with structured opportunities for guided dialogue and small-group discussion. Also included are overhead transparencies and handout masters; a discussion of the role of culture in education; an overview of the effects of the Bridging Cultures Project; and evaluation results of the author’s use of the module in two sections of a pre-service teacher education course.

Designed for use in one or two class sessions, the module can be incorporated in courses on educational psychology, child development, counseling psychology, and others that deal with culture in education.

An adjunct book of supporting research, theories, and background information related to this module is also available. Please visit Readings for Bridging Cultures for more information.

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ISBN: 978-0-8058-4207-4
Copyright: 2003
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 168
Publisher: Routledge

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