Bringing Technology Education Into K-8 Classrooms: A Guide to Curricular Resources About the Designed World

By Ted Britton, Bo De Long-Cotty, Toby Levenson

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Bringing Technology Education into K–8 Classrooms looks at 25 elementary and middle school products—products that can shape a lesson on oil spills or a two-semester course on the designed world. In-depth reviews evaluate products that can be used as “core,” cross-curricular, or supplemental materials. These are carefully analyzed against the Standards for Technological Literacy developed by the International Technology Education Association.

Additionally, an extensive annotated bibliography alerts teachers to more than 100 readily available books, magazines, activity resources, and websites that can make technology education richer, more manageable, and more enjoyable for teachers and students alike.

This resource has an easy to follow organization and includes a wide range of useful information:

  • complete information for choosing technology resources that meet district and classroom needs;
  • practical analysis of how technology topics address standards and can be integrated into lesson plans across the curriculum;
  • discussion of technological literacy and its importance for students;
  • reviews of the supports the resources offer to help teachers teach their students about technology, including support for assessment, understanding technology content, promoting collaboration skills, and pedagogical guidance;
  • helpful tips on how technology activities help students understand their world; and
  • sample pages from all core and cross-curricular materials.


  • “If you enjoy teaching science because it engages students, you will want to include technology and design. This book provides everything you need to find curriculum materials that fit your situation. Helping students become technologically literate as well as scientifically literate is a must in our world.”

    Senta A. Raizen, Director, National Center for Improving Science Education (NCISE)/WestEd
  • “Are published curriculum materials really standards-based? The authors answer this in unprecedented detail. A must-read for technology, design, and engineering educators.”

    William E. Dugger, Director, Technology for All Americans Project, International Technology Education Association

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