Center Gathers State Education Agencies to Tackle Common Issues


Established in 2005 to help state education agencies implement the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the Southwest Comprehensive Center (SWCC) is 1 of 16  around the country, each serving  a single state or a cluster of states.

Whether helping to align assessment systems to Common Core State Standards or to bring consistency to a department’s budgeting and hiring procedures, the Southwest Comprehensive Center has been a valued partner in transforming the education agencies of its member states.

SWCC has addressed a variety of needs within its five-state region, including: 

  • Guiding the design of statewide evaluation systems for teachers and principals
  • Adapting a WestEd software system to automate record-keeping
  • Providing research about best practices 

Another important lesson is the power of collaboration. The willingness of SWCC participants to share ideas, nurture professional relationships, and listen to feedback has helped them contribute to the region’s collective education improvement.

All five states now have educator evaluation policies in place. All have systems in place to support their lowest-performing schools; implement transition plans to the Common Core State Standards; and develop aligned state assessments. 

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