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Moving Toward a More Common Definition of English Learner: Collected Guidance for States and Multi-State Assessment Consortia

By Robert Linquanti, H. Gary Cook, Alison L. Bailey, Rita MacDonald


This resource gathers in a single volume five guidance papers designed to help individual states and multi-state assessment consortia move toward a more common definition of English learner.

Developed from national working sessions involving states, districts, and professional and advocacy groups, the guidance lays out a four-stage framework to standardize statewide procedures and criteria for:

  • Identifying potential English learners
  • Classifying English learners
  • Determining an English-proficient performance standard
  • Reclassifying English learners

This resource can also be used to help states address the Every Student Succeeds Act requirement to establish standardized, English learner entry and exit procedures and criteria.

This paper was cowritten by Robert Linquanti, former Project Director for English Learner Evaluation and Accountability Support, and former Senior Researcher for the California Comprehensive Center at WestEd.

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Copyright: 2016
Format: PDF
Pages: 124
Publisher: Council of Chief State School Officers