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Common Psychological Disorders in Young Children: A Handbook for Early Childhood Professionals

By Jenna Bilmes, Tara Welker


Common Psychological Disorders in Young Children will help you answer questions related to behavioral and mental health issues that might arise with the children in your care. The most common childhood psychological disorders—attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, anxiety, and more—are discussed in a reader-friendly style that includes examples and recommended practices specific to early childhood settings.

The authors detail the causes, symptoms, typical behaviors, effective interventions, and common medications and side effects for each disorder. This useful guide is simply formatted and the disorders are organized under headings used in the DSM-IV-TR, the standard diagnostic guide of the American Psychiatric Association.

Topics include:

  • The contributing factors toward both mental illness and mental health
  • Observation techniques for recognizing and documenting challenging behaviors
  • Classroom and child care setting strategies
  • Parental involvement and communication tips

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Product Information

ISBN: 978-1929610-91-4
Copyright: 2006
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 184
Publisher: Redleaf Press

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