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Data-Driven School Improvement: Linking Data and Learning

Edited by Ellen Mandinach, Margaret Honey


How can educators use data and technology tools to achieve lasting improvement in student performance? With federal and local demands for increased accountability, educators at all levels are expected to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to be effective data users and decision makers.

The first comprehensive examination of the field, this book brings together stakeholders representing a variety of perspectives. Co-edited by WestEd’s Ellen Mandinach, the book introduces the history of testing and data use, explores current practices and tools, and presents a groundbreaking model for data-driven decision making.

This volume features:

  • A valuable framework, based on a three-year project sponsored by the National Science Foundation, describing how data are transformed into usable knowledge
  • Informative case studies illustrating how schools are using data to inform best practices
  • Suggestions for how digital resources can be used to improve teaching in the classroom
  • A thought-provoking treatise on education reform

Resource Details

Product Information

ISBN: 978-0-8077-4856-5
Copyright: 2008
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 320
Publisher: Teachers College Press

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Praise for this Resource

  • “Replete with examples from real schools and districts, this volume provides a multi-layered portrait of what it takes to establish a culture of data use. Readers will come away with an appreciation of the systemic changes needed to reap the full potential of data-driven decision making.”

    Barbara Means, Center for Technology in Learning, SRI International
  • “It is reassuring to know that at least some of the data being generated in our data-driven age are being used to make wiser decisions. We can all learn from these illustrative accounts.”

    David C. Berliner, Mary Lou Fulton College of Education, Arizona State University