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Archived Webinar

Developing Individualized Technology Plans

Every student and staff member must use technology confidently and capably for a technology initiative to succeed. Implementing effective, staff-supported strategies requires identifying strengths and areas that need support.

In this archived webinar, experience and examine an instrument designed to gauge experience, knowledge, and comfort level with technology. Using critical data, you can then develop an Individualized Technology Plan designed to maximize professional development efforts.

Webinar presenter Michael Jaber, Technology Integration and Instructional Specialist and Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Sheboygan (WI) Area School District, discusses:

  • Assessing staff skills. What are your staff’s strengths and needs in using technology?
  • Developing Individual Technology Plans. Are professional development plans aligned to staff needs and goals?
  • Modeling successful strategies. Do you practice what you preach by modeling the effective use of tools expected of staff and students?
  • Building and supporting a community of learners. How can you make technology training a part of professional learning time?

This archived webinar is hosted by Grace Calisi and Meg Livingston Asensio from the Regional Educational Laboratory West at WestEd.

Webinar Presenter(s):

Michael Jaber