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Diversity in the Classroom: A Casebook for Teachers and Teacher Educators

Edited by Judith H. Shulman, Amalia Mesa-Bains


This casebook includes 13 compelling first-person accounts of inner-city teaching dilemmas, focusing on the teacher-student relationship in multilingual, multicultural, and multi-ethnic classrooms.

Each case is followed by commentaries by scholars and practitioners, which add multiple perspectives to each account.

The narratives provide stimulation for group discussion by both teachers and professional developers. A companion facilitator’s guide is available.

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Product Information

ISBN: 978-0-8058-1429-3
Copyright: 1993
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 136
Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

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Praise for this Resource

  • As a tool in teacher education, this book is indispensable. Using Diversity in the Classroom provides a context for both preservice and inservice teachers to explore the diversity of human experiences and human nature….[This book] can help teachers listen to all voices, tolerate difference, and acknowledge all peoples, enabling them to see uniqueness and value their place within it.

    —Journal of Reading