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Archived Webinar

E-Learning for Educators: Effects of Online Professional Development on Teachers and Their Students

Recorded on April 19, 2012

Are you considering the use of online delivery to provide widespread professional development (PD) needs to implement new initiatives? Are you looking at designing a PD model that can improve teacher performance as well as student achievement in a cost-effective manner?

This archived webinar on online professional development (OPD) provides an overview to the topic.

Lynne Meeks, e-Learning for Educators Project Director at Alabama Public Television, discusses the e-Learning model and the research findings of the large-scale studies conducted by the e-Learning for Educators (eFE) project. These were among the first public studies that demonstrated that high-quality online teacher professional development can positively affect teacher content knowledge and teaching practices that translate into improvements on targeted student outcomes.

The webinar covers these topics:

  • A successful, nimble OPD model that can produce both teacher and student improvements
  • The research evidence supporting the effectiveness of the model
  • Standards for high-quality OPD

This webinar is aimed at school, district, and state administrators, as well as professional development providers, such as regional inservice centers or university teacher centers.

Webinar Presenter(s):

Lynne Meeks Lynne Meeks

Materials from the Webinar