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Education Policy and Practice: Bridging the Divide

Edited by Nancy S. Sharkey, Suzanne Plaut


WestEd contributors to this volume, Cynthia Greenleaf and Ruth Schoenbach, join some of the most influential voices in education, including Lisa Delpit, Sonia Nieto, Ray Rist, and Richard Elmore, in consideration of how race, culture, power, and language affect actual classrooms; the social processes and school structures that can either hinder or support student learning; and the extent to which teachers have—or should have—control over their day-to-day instructional practices and decisions about their students.

Greenleaf and Schoenbach, with coauthors Christine Cziko and Faye Mueller, describe the work of the Strategic Literacy Project in secondary classrooms, including with struggling readers and English learners, in their chapter “Apprenticing Adolescent Readers to Academic Literacy.”

The book as a whole aims to illuminate important connections between education policy and teaching and learning practice.

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ISBN: 978-0-916690-40-3
Copyright: 2003
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 318
Publisher: Harvard Education Publishing Group

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