Effects of the Implementation of Proposition 227 on the Education of English Learners, K-12: 2003 Report

By Amy Merickel, Robert Linquanti, Tom Parrish, Maria Pérez, Marian Eaton, Phil Esra

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This ongoing evaluation, conducted by WestEd and the American Institutes for Research, is the largest and most comprehensive study of Proposition 227. This five-year, legislatively mandated study focuses on the effects of Proposition 227, which requires that English learners be taught overwhelmingly in English through immersion programs not normally expected to exceed one year and permits bilingual instruction only through the granting of a special waiver.

This Year 3 report analyzes the academic achievement of over 1 million of California’s English learner students and another 3 million English-fluent students, and for the first time includes analyses of English learners’ second-language proficiency. It also discusses findings on selected elements of effective practice with English learners from visits to 18 schools in 13 districts across the state.