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Examining Comprehensive School Reform

Edited by Daniel K. Aladjem, Kathryn M. Borman


For decades, urban school reformers have tried to improve educational outcomes for underserved and disadvantaged students, with the assistance of constantly evolving federal and state policies.

In recent years, education policies have shifted from targeting individual students to developing universal standards for teaching and learning, and comprehesive school reform (CSR) has emerged as one effective model to improve schools.

The federal CSR program seeks to support the implementation of comprehensive school reform, especially in high-poverty schools, and to improve efforts to help all children meet challenging academic standards. Schools that receive federal CSR funds must adopt approaches that comply with the No Child Left Behind Act.

In this volume, leading experts offer policymakers, researchers, and educators a series of studies and reflections on CSR. Naida Tushnet, former director of WestEd’s Evaluation Research Program, contributes to a chapter on state and district influence on CSR implementation. The book also includes chapters by Suzannah Herrmann, Robert E. Slavin, Georges Vernez, Sally B. Kilgore, Alexandra Weinbaum, and Barbara Means, among others.

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ISBN: 978-0-87766-733-9
Copyright: 2006
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 368
Publisher: Urban Institute Press

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  • “A must-read for researchers and policymakers intent on improving schools…”

    Christopher T. Cross, Chairman, Cross & Joftus, LLC, Danville, California
  • “Policymakers, educators, and those invested in improving the education of students in low-income families will find this thoughtful analytic approach a welcome addition to the literature on comprehensive school reform…. A must read for those interested in understanding the limitations—and opportunities—for reforming our educational system.”

    Barbara Schneider, John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor, Michigan State University