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Fast-Tracking the Paperwork for Federal Programs


In many school district storerooms, the paperwork required to monitor federal and state education programs fills rows and rows of file boxes, stacked floor to ceiling. 

One study estimated that reviewing the compliance paperwork for a large urban school district’s 20-plus federal and state programs required 11 state education agency staff members working full-time for 20 days, and, with travel expenses, cost about $100,000.

Confident that technology could contribute to a more efficient, cost-effective way to do things, WestEd staff created a web-based data and information management system called the WestEd Tracker®. In just four days, “Tracker,” as the system is known for short, can complete the kind of review that previously took four weeks.

Tracker is currently used in state and local education agencies in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah and is undergoing pilot-testing in Washington State.

Its efficiency is freeing up resources for strategic planning and better implementation of federal programs—activities that directly affect school improvement efforts. Tracker is even improving the way state education agencies and local education agencies operate and interact with one another.

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