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Guidance for the Selection and Support of Exemplary Principals Under the Quality Education Investment Act

Produced by Integrated Leadership Development Initiative


This document provides guidance for district leaders in selecting, assigning, and supporting exemplary principals, identifying professional learning needs and opportunities, and creating coaching and support systems that result in principals continuously improving their performance. The document is specifically designed for schools subject to the requirements of California’s Quality Education Investment Act of 2006 (QEIA), which requires QEIA schools to affirm that exemplary principals are leading QEIA schools.

The document includes descriptions of generalized, observable expectations for school principals adapted from the six California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (CPSEL), with particular emphasis on QEIA’s direction and purpose. Each standard is followed by a set of expectations that indicate the principal actions needed to lead, guide, and support changes required to improve schools.

The expectations in this document represent the current consensus on the most critical actions required of principals in leading underperforming schools toward improvement, including themes of continuous improvement, improved teaching and learning, shared responsibility and leadership, and equity and cultural responsiveness.

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Copyright: 2008
Format: PDF
Pages: 7
Publisher: Integrated Leadership Development Initiative