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Handbook of Educational Psychology (Third Edition)

Edited by Lyn Corno, Eric M. Anderman

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What does the work of educational psychologists look like in a digitally networked world? How can assessment illuminate pathways to learning? This third edition of the Handbook of Educational Psychology offers chapters on these topics and other developments in theory and research methods.

A diverse group of recognized scholars within and outside the United States provide integrative reviews and critical syntheses of developments in psychological inquiry in education, functional processes for learning, learner readiness and development, building knowledge and subject matter expertise, and the learning and task environment.

New chapters cover learning sciences research; latent variable models; data analytics; neuropsychology; relations between emotion, motivation, and volition; scientific literacy; sociocultural perspectives on learning; dialogic instruction; and networked learning.

The Handbook of Educational Psychology is an indispensable reference for scholars in education and the learning sciences. Teacher educators, practicing teachers, and policymakers also should benefit.

WestEd’s Ellen Mandinach contributed a key chapter, “Assessment Illuminating Pathways to Learning.”

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ISBN: 978-0-415-89482-1
Copyright: 2016
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 482
Publisher: Routledge

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