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Handbook of Education Policy Research

Edited by Gary Sykes, Barbara Schneider, David N. Plank


This comprehensive guide, sponsored by the American Educational Research Association (AERA), defines the theoretical boundaries and methodological approaches of education policy research. Drawing from multiple disciplines, over one hundred contributors address three central questions: What policy issues and questions have oriented current policy research? What research strategies and methods have proven most fruitful? And what issues, questions, and methods will drive future policy research?

Organized into seven sections, the Handbook focuses on:

  • Disciplinary foundations of educational policy
  • Methodological perspectives
  • The policy process
  • Resources, management, and organization
  • Teaching and learning policy
  • Actors and institutions
  • Education access and differentiation

Each of the seven sections concludes with two commentaries by leading scholars in the field. The first considers the current state of policy design, and the second addresses the current state of policy research. Topics such as early childhood education, school choice, access to higher education, teacher accountability, and testing and measurement cut across the book’s 63 chapters.

WestEd’s former Director of Evaluation and Policy Research Martin Orland authors a key chapter, “Separate Orbits: The Distinctive Worlds of Educational Research and Policymaking.”

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ISBN: 978-0-415-98992-3
Copyright: 2009
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 1064
Publisher: Routledge

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