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Handbook of Research on Literacy and Diversity

Edited by Lesley Mandel Morrow, Robert Rueda, Diane Lapp


This research handbook is the first of its kind—it addresses all dimensions of diversity that have an impact on literacy achievement. Learn from leading experts, including WestEd’s Ann-Marie Wiese, who examine how teaching and learning intersect with cultural and language differences and socioeconomic disparities in today’s increasingly diverse schools and communities.

The volume weaves compelling research findings with theory, policy considerations, and discussions of exemplary instructional practices. It offers fresh perspectives on family literacy, multiliteracies, drawing on cultural resources in the classroom, factors that promote success in high-poverty schools, equity issues, and ways to teach specific literacy skills.

The concluding section provides crucial recommendations for teacher preparation and professional development.

Wiese cowrote a key chapter, “Policy Related to Issues of Diversity and Literacy: Implications for English Learners.”

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ISBN: 978-1-60918-145-1
Copyright: 2010
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 464
Publisher: Guilford Publications

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