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Healthy Kids Resilience Module (HKRM)


The Healthy Kids Resilience and Youth Development Module (RYDM) measures the assets that researchers have consistently associated with positive youth development, school success, and health-risk behavior protection.

It assesses caring relationships, high expectations, and meaningful opportunities for participation in the school, community, home, and peer environments.

For schools, these scales provide a measure of student connectedness. The RYDM also measures six internal youth assets (achievement motivation, communication, empathy, problem-solving, self-efficacy, and self-awareness) that are the positive developmental outcomes of asset-rich environments.

The RYDM can raise local awareness and understanding about youth developmental needs and promote collaboration among schools, communities, and families in meeting those needs.

The combined use of the RYDM and Healthy Kids Survey core module provides data on the critical risk and protective factors for secondary-school age youth. At the elementary school level, the RYDM is built into the Healthy Kids Survey. The RYDM report includes examples of strategies and programs for promoting external and internal assets.

For information about the survey and fees, call 888.841.7536 or visit the California Healthy Kids Survey website.

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