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California Healthy Kids Survey (HKS)

Produced by Health and Human Development Program at WestEd


This modular survey can be used to conduct a comprehensive assessment of school climate, resilience, and health-related risks among youth age 11 and older. It is designed to help schools and communities:

• Promote academic achievement and school success

• Improve prevention and health programs

• Promote positive youth development and well-being

• Demonstrate need for program funding

• Monitor success in meeting the needs of youth   

The survey, which can be easily customized to meet local interests and needs, covers the following topics:

• School connectedness, safety, bullying, and developmental supports for students

• Use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs

• Violence and weapons possession

• Gang membership

• Nutrition and physical activity

• Depression and suicide

• Sexual behavior

• External and internal assets

We offer full-service technical assistance to help plan, administer, process, and understand the survey.

Results are provided in a comprehensive report emphasizing the significance of the data and a key-findings summary with overhead transparencies.

Developed in collaboration with the California Department of Education, the survey is available to all school districts in the state, and is now also available outside of California.

Companion surveys are also available for school staff and parents.

For information about the survey and fees, call 888.841.7536 or visit the California Healthy Kids Survey website.

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