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Doing What Works: Increased Learning Time

Produced by WestEd for the U.S. Department of Education


This “one-stop” package contains all the materials you need to conduct a professional development session on increased learning time to improve student academic achievement.

Produced by the Doing What Works (DWW) project at WestEd, the package contains:

  • A sample workshop agenda, facilitator checklist, and presentation slides
  • Visual diagrams, flyers, and forms
  • Transcripts of expert interviews
  • A list of DWW professional development resources
  • An inventory of all the documents and media on increased learning time
  • An introduction to DWW, narrated by former Project Director Nikola Filby

This professional development session is appropriate for a range of audiences—teacher leaders or coaches, classroom teachers, and administrators.

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Product Information

Product #: IN-11-03
Copyright: 2011
Format: Multimedia
Publisher: U.S. Department of Education