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Key Issues and Opportunities in the Initial Identification and Classification of English Learners

By Alexis A. Lopez, Emilie Pooler, Robert Linquanti

Produced by Educational Testing Service


In order to have an equal opportunity to achieve the same academic standards as other students, English learners must have access to instructional services that match their strengths and needs.

If English learners are not properly identified and classified, they could be excluded from services that would help them meet high academic standards. In addition, incorrect identification and classification may prevent English learners from receiving optimal supports to advance both linguistically and academically.

Produced by the Educational Testing Service, this brief:

  • Identifies issues in assessment practices used by states and districts to determine initial classification of English learners
  • Provides recommendations to help state and local educators and policymakers strengthen processes and tools used in the identification and classification of English learners

This paper was cowritten by Robert Linquanti, former Project Director for English Learner Evaluation and Accountability Support, and former Senior Researcher for the California Comprehensive Center at WestEd.

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