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Inside High School Reform: Making the Changes That Matter

By Jordan Horowitz, California Academic Partnership Program

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What happens when some of the lowest-performing high schools in California make a commitment to reform themselves? This book goes inside the reform efforts of 28 high schools where educators collaborated to fundamentally change expectations for students—in effect, to prepare all students for postsecondary education.

By challenging the status quo, teachers and administrators strengthened their delivery of services so that all students, especially those traditionally denied access to college, would leave their care with more options for college and for life.

Reported here are the conclusions from formal evaluations over the past 10 years of high school reform shepherded by the California Academic Partnership Program (CAPP).

CAPP schools are each funded for three to five years, with grants of about $100,000 a year, to make fundamental changes for their students. As these schools discovered, not all changes are equally valuable, but some are simply essential.

In the words of the educators themselves and through the perspectives of CAPP advisors who monitored the programs, Inside High School Reform lays out some of the universal lessons of making the reform changes that matter.

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ISBN: 978-0-914409-22-9
Copyright: 2005
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 88
Publisher: WestEd

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  • “As a Professor of Education, I was impressed by the depth and scope of this book’s analysis of High School Reform. I plan to use it in my class next semester; I know it will stimulate many hours of compelling conversation on this critically important topic.”

    Barbara DeHart, Professor, Claremont Graduate University School of Education and director of the Urban Leadership Center