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Archived Webinar

Key Features of Comprehensive Principal Evaluation Systems

Principal effectiveness is a critical factor in improving teaching and learning. But how do districts assess principal effectiveness?

WestEd’s Key Features of a Comprehensive Principal Evaluation System organizes research-based information into 13 critical elements that districts can use in designing and implementing improved principal evaluation systems. This webinar provides an overview and examples of the Key Features by development team researchers and district leaders who have been implementing improvements in their districts’ principal evaluation systems.

The 13 Key Features provide districts with a comprehensive but manageable framework to address the three basic questions of why, what, and how to evaluate principals. By considering these questions, districts are able to develop or tailor strategies that best fit their current needs, contexts, and resources while maintaining the quality of their system.

In addition, the Key Features’ continuum for development (rubric) can help districts assess their own practice, plan strategically, and implement a high-quality technical system that meets their goals.

Webinar Presenter(s):

Stephen H. Davis
greta vigue Greta Viguie

Materials from the Webinar