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La Frontera: Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Education Along the U.S.-Mexico Border

By Joan McRobbie, Malia Villegas


Commissioned by the school board associations of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas, this report elaborates on findings from Voices from La Frontera: A Study of School Districts Along the United States-Mexico Border. This new publication further builds better understanding of how to support the school districts, schools, and students within 100 miles of the United States/Mexico border. Specifically, this report

  • Describes the economic, health, and social contexts of education along the United States/Mexico border
  • Analyzes student achievement in each of the four border states
  • Describes promising programs and strategies these schools are using
  • Offers suggestions for policy and practice

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Product #: FRNT-04-01
Copyright: 2004
Format: PDF
Pages: 52
Publisher: WestEd