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Archived Webinar

Preparing Students for Life After High School: Strategies and Tools to Make Informed Choices

Recorded on April 02, 2015

Graduating from high school is a significant transition point in the lives of young people. It is challenging, exhilarating, sometimes overwhelming, and offers countless possibilities for the future.

When thinking about change and the future, young people have three choices: make the future happen, let it happen, or wonder what happened. Green 360 helps students navigate this transition from a position of informed choice.

This webinar provides a broad perspective on career readiness, community engagement, and environmental sustainability. Emerging changes in our communities present unparalleled opportunities for our youth to contribute solutions as members of the future workforce.

Participants learn about Green 360 TIPs (Tools, Information, and People), the anchor and compass that enables students to make informed choices.

This webinar is ideal for education administrators, principals, middle and high school teachers (career technical education, STEM, ROP), after-school staff, counselors, parents, and leaders in community-based organizations and government agencies.

The Region IX Equity Assistance Center at WestEd sponsored this webinar.

Webinar Presenter(s):

Laurie Maak
Joanne Martens Joanne Martens Co-Founder and Co-Director of Green 360

Materials from the Webinar