Lifelines to the Classroom: Designing Support for Beginning Teachers

By Joy Zimmerman, Kendyll Stansbury

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This knowledge brief provides a rationale for giving explicit support to new teachers, identifies the critical challenges they face, and describes key elements of low-intensity and high-intensity support programs.

The brief is aimed at state departments of education, local superintendents, and principals looking to develop or refine a support program to raise retention rates for newly minted educators and help them become more effective classroom teachers.


  • “Lifelines to the Classroom reflects many of the ideals for supporting new teachers that we’ve used in Thompson for years. In a time when the appeal of teaching may be at an all time low, it is critical that we provide spiritual and skill improvement support to those courageous enough to enter the profession and serve children.”

    Dr. F. Donald Saul, American Association of School Administrators "Superintendent of the Year, 2000"

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