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Archived Webinar

Long Term English Learners: New Directions for Policy, Programs, and Practice

Recorded on February 22, 2011

Are you concerned about English learners who have been in your schools for many years and still are not English proficient? Do you wonder how to address the needs of these long-term English learners?

Laurie Olsen, Executive Board Member of Californians Together, discusses the results of recently released research on long-term English learners (LTELs) using data from 40 school districts and pilot efforts in dozens of schools.

In this archived webinar, find out:

  • Who the LTELs are and why they have become LTELs
  • An overview of LTELs’ needs
  • Tools to explore your LTEL population
  • Effective, research-based approaches and guidelines for schools and districts
  • Systemwide and policy recommendations

Webinar Presenter(s):

Laurie Olsen Laurie Olsen

Materials from the Webinar