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Making the Move: Transition Strategies at California Schools with High Graduation Rates

By Tom Parrish, Lindsay Poland, Melissa Arellanes, Jessica Ernandes, Jason Viloria


How do we make sure students graduate from high school and are ready for college and career?

This report, produced by the California Comprehensive Center at WestEd, American Institutes for Research, and the California Department of Education, looks at high schools with successful graduation rates for answers.

The report reveals the strategies these schools use, the challenges they face in achieving high graduation rates, and how they help middle grades students transition to high school.

Researchers found that to support students transitioning between middle and high school, successful schools:

  • Create opportunities for staff across school levels to jointly plan and collaborate
  • Prepare students to participate in the high school campus and culture prior to enrollment
  • Ensure all students feel connected to the school
  • Identify students who are struggling prior to transition and prepare timely and individualized supports for those students

To promote graduation, the schools:

  • Enable collaboration among teachers within the school
  • Provide students with multiple opportunities for academic support and credit recovery
  • Connect all students through programs, activities, and caring staff
  • Institute a strong, individually focused counseling program
  • Have high expectations for all students

Download this report for more information on best practices to ensure students stay in school, graduate, and are well-prepared for college and/or career.

Visit the California Comprehensive Center at WestEd website for more information about the Center and its services.

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