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Mentoring and Induction Programs That Support New Principals

By Susan Villani


A well-prepared new principal is essential to the success of an entire school. So why is the principal one of the least supported positions in the building?

In Mentoring and Induction Programs That Support New Principals, mentoring expert Susan Villani addresses this key question and provides a useful, hands-on resource for developing a mentoring or induction program for principals, or for enhancing an existing program.

Through practical examples and enlightening vignettes, Villani offers a close examination of the state of principalship and clearly illustrates the challenges often faced by novice principals.

The book also includes a detailed comparison of principal mentoring and induction programs throughout the United States, and provides tips for encouraging and fostering new principals.

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Product Information

ISBN: 978-0-7619-3146-1
Copyright: 2006
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 298
Publisher: Corwin Press

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Praise for this Resource

  • “Susan Villani’s Mentoring & Induction Programs that Support New Principals is a comprehensive compendium of ideas and models drawn from school systems, regional education agencies, states, professional associations, and universities. Villani makes a compelling case for the value of supporting beginning principals in new and more powerful ways. She describes how changing educational policies and escalating demands on the principalship have caused an increasing number of states and local districts to seek improved ways to support new principals early in their administrative careers. Most important, Villani provides guidance to readers in translating these ideas and models into new or stronger mentoring and induction programs for the next generation of school principals.”

    Dr. Dennis Sparks, Executive Director, NSDC
  • “Dr. Villani’s comprehensive new book gives our profession—especially those who are new to it—a terrific boost. With clarity and great care, Villani outlines the critical need for mentoring and induction programs for new school leaders. Using excellent examples, she shows us the extremely difficult and varied situations principals face daily. Then she explores well-documented model programs from across the nation that serve as examples and inspiration for all school leaders.”

    Dr. Vincent L. Ferrandino, Executive Director, NAESP
  • “There is increasing evidence as to the significant role which principals play in reforming schools and in increasing student achievement. Principal induction and mentoring are key components of effective leadership development. This text provides an effective guide for organizations supporting the development of school principals.”

    Dr. Gerald N. Tirozzi, Executive Director, NASSP