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Mentoring New Teachers Through Collaborative Coaching: Linking Teacher and Student Learning

By Susan Villani, Kathy Dunne

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What are the best approaches for developing effective teacher mentors? In their work across the country, Kathy Dunne and Susan Villani have combined the nonjudgmental approach of collaborative coaching with a focus on student learning to heighten teacher effectiveness.

The result is a stunningly effective model that benefits new and experienced teachers alike—all in the service of students. For education leaders who oversee mentor programs and those who provide professional development for mentors, this book looks at mentoring from the context of the research on effective mentoring and provides extensive guidance on how mentors can understand the needs of new teachers, build strong relationships with them, and coach them through an ongoing process of improving their teaching practice.

Step-by-step professional development activities spell out the details in the companion facilitation and training guide.

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ISBN: 978-0-914409-30-4
Copyright: 2007
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 112
Publisher: WestEd

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Praise for this Resource

  • “Dunne and Villani are nationally recognized experts…their comprehensive approach provides the foundation for highly valuable professional learning both for mentors and beginning teachers.”

    Charlotte Danielson, Author of Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching
  • “This is the ‘soup to nuts’ book that every district implementing a mentor program needs, whether starting from scratch or improving on an existing model.”

    Elaine Pinckney, Former Deputy Commissioner, Vermont Department of Education
  • “…strategies that enable mentors to support new teachers in becoming more intentional and skillful in their work.”

    Dennis Sparks, Executive Director, National Staff Development Council
  • “…rich practical resources, valuable tips, criteria for program design and assessment, systems of data gathering, and benefits to systems and teachers.”

    Robert Garmston, Center for Adaptive Schools
  • “Anyone interested in helping mentors succeed in mentoring and coaching new teachers should use these valuable resources.”

    Cara Elmore, Organizational Specialist, National Education Association
  • “In our rural school, it is difficult to retain teachers. These materials are filled with great ideas and insights for supporting mentors and new teachers.”

    Rea Goklish, Assistant Principal, Seven Mile Elementary School, Whiteriver, Arizona
  • “Dunne and Villani have succeeded in creating a set of comprehensive resources that will meet the needs of professional developers, school administrators, and mentors.”

    Steve Kossakoski, Director, Seacoast Professional Development Center
  • “…field-tested methods and nuts-and-bolts resources that have proven highly successful in Maine during a two-year Title IIA teacher quality enhancement research grant.”

    Dan Conley, Distinguished Educator for Teacher Quality, Maine Department of Education
  • “In our state, districts have a great range of experience with teacher mentoring, and this book would be useful to all of them…a ‘must-have’ book from my perspective.”

    Nancy Brennan, Coordinator, New York State Mentor Teacher Internship Program