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Number Sense and Operations in the Primary Grades: Hard to Teach and Hard to Learn?

By Alma Ramirez

With Debra Coggins, Susie Alldredge


This casebook enhances educators’ understanding of mathematics and illustrates successful approaches to the most difficult topics related to math—ultimately leading to more effective instruction. Included are solutions to hard-to-teach topics such as place value, number sentences, basic facts, addition, subtraction, and regrouping.

Through specific case examples, the book helps teachers:

  • deepen their understanding of the mathematics they teach;
  • experience mathematics from students’ points of view to understand what is confusing and why;
  • examine various teaching strategies for their benefits and drawbacks; and
  • understand how oral, symbolic, and written communications impact mathematics learning.

Following each lesson or “case” are facilitator’s notes, which include case synopses, sample discussion issues, suggested materials, a starter problem, and an analysis of the most vital and provocative points in the case.

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Product Information

ISBN: 978-0-325-00546-1
Copyright: 2003
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 192
Publisher: Heinemann

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