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Policing Schools’ Strategies: A Systematic Search for Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Studies

By Anthony Petrosino, Sarah Guckenburg, Trevor Fronius


Schools experience a wide range of crime and disorder that victimizes students and staff and undermines attempts to create a safe and orderly learning environment. Law enforcement has programs designed to combat crime in schools, but there has been almost no systematic review of evaluations of these programs.

In this report, WestEd researchers Anthony Petrosino, Sarah Guckenburg, and Trevor Fronius document a systematic search to identify experimental and quasi-experimental evaluations that assess the effectiveness of non-educational policing strategies and programs in schools, focusing on studies of policing strategies conducted in or directly around K–12 schools.

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Copyright: 2012
Format: PDF
Pages: 75
Publisher: Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation, Western Michigan University