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Handbook of Positive Psychology in Schools, 2nd Edition

By Michael J. Furlong, Rich Gilman, E. Scott Huebner

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Understanding the factors that encourage young people to become active agents in their own learning is critical. Positive psychology offers methods for investigating the factors that facilitate a student’s sense of agency and active school engagement.

In this second edition of the handbook, the editors draw together the latest work in the field of school psychology identifying major issues and providing a wealth of knowledge from scholars in several disciplines, including but not limited to school psychology.

Key Topics

  • The ways that positive emotions, traits, and institutions promote school achievement and healthy social and emotional development
  • How specific positive-psychological constructs relate to students and schools, and support the delivery of school-based services
  • The application of positive psychology to education policymaking

With 13 new chapters, this edition provides a long-needed centerpiece around which the results of positive psychology research can continue to impact school settings, including a new section on international applications.

WestEd’s Jo Ann Izu with Meagan O’Malley and Adam Voight wrote the chapter, “Engaging Students in School Climate Improvement: A Student Voice Strategy.” O’Malley also contributed to two other chapters, “Covitality: A Synergistic Conception of Adolescents’ Mental Health” and “Cultivating Mindfulness in Students.”

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ISBN: 978-0-415-62186-1
Copyright: 2014
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 522
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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