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Preparing English Learners for College and Career: Lessons from Successful High Schools

By Maria Santos, Martha Castellón Palacios, Tina Cheuk, Rebecca Greene, Diana Mercado-Garcia, Lisa Zerkel, Kenji Hakuta, Renae Skarin

Preparing English Learners for College and Career: Lessons from Successful High Schools


How do school communities create environments that fully prepare both English learners and dual-language learners for college and career?

This book, co-written by María Santos of WestEd’s Comprehensive School Assistance Program, profiles six high-performing high schools that had a singular focus on improving the educational outcomes of English learners.

The authors use these case studies to identify a comprehensive set of design elements and shared values that were key factors in yielding extraordinary results. These factors include:

  • A schoolwide language development framework that integrates content, analytical practices, and language learning
  • A broad and dynamic view of assessment practices
  • Intensive social-emotional support for students and their families
  • Mission-driven staff and leadership that maximize learning opportunities across classrooms

The practices employed in these schools are not only essential for English learners’ success but, as the performance data shows, they also benefit all students. The book:

  • Provides practical, actionable ideas that schools across the country can adapt to help their own English learners
  • Shows how schools incorporated a language development framework as part of their daily improvement work of teaching and learning
  • Identifies the key school design features and values that enable diverse students, families, and staff to succeed
  • Examines how everyone in the school community works together to accelerate learning opportunities for adolescent English learners

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ISBN: 978-0-8077-5925-7
Copyright: 2018
Pages: 176
Publisher: Teachers College Press

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