Professional Learning Communities for Science Teaching: Lessons From Research and Practice

Edited by Susan Mundry, Katherine Stiles


What would it take to move your school or district closer toward a culture that supports and sustains professional learning communities (PLCs)? Edited by WestEd’s Susan Mundry and Katherine Stiles, this thought-provoking collection details seven successful approaches to developing PLCs. From one school taking the initiative to create its own collaborative environment to a network of 500 universities and schools, these chapters describe the advantages of PLCs for both teacher and student.

You will learn:

  • How PLCs improve teaching skills thereby increasing student learning
  • The origins of PLCs
  • Characteristics of PLCs
  • The current research on PLCs

Questions at the end of each chapter encourage self-reflection, and an appendix provides even more resources about developing PLCs. In sharing the experiences of educators who have embraced the principles of PLCs and integrated them into schools and district, regional, and state initiatives, the editors hope to inspire new contributions to the transformation of science education.

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ISBN: 978-1-93515-500-3
Copyright: 2009
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 161
Publisher: NSTA Press

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