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ProMatch Case Study: Successful Practices and Strategies to Build English Learners' Job Readiness and Job Search Skills

By Ursula Bischoff, Lisa Le Fevre


WestEd conducted a case study of ProMatch, the Silicon Valley (CA) chapter of a no-fee job search program serving dislocated workers called Experience Unlimited (EU).

The case study examined how and why the job club program’s networking and job-search services were successful, and whether they could be improved, expanded, and/or replicated to better serve English learners.

WestEd researchers sought answers to three broad questions:

  • How did current members, alumni, and staff perceive the value of the ProMatch program?
  • What program elements and practices are critical to program replication?
  • How might the program be replicated for  English learners, from bilingual professionals to low-skilled monolingual speakers?

This report presents the responses to these questions, culled from several sources including program staff and participants, staff of workforce programs serving English learners, and a review of best practices in the literature.

Based on this information, the report describes lessons learned and presents concrete strategies on how job search programs can better serve English language learners.

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