Reading for Understanding: How Reading Apprenticeship Improves Disciplinary Learning in Secondary and College Classrooms, 2nd Edition

By Ruth Schoenbach, Cynthia Greenleaf, Lynn Murphy

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This significantly updated edition of Reading for Understanding shows how teachers and students can work together to boost literacy, engagement, and achievement.

Specifically, this book helps readers use the Reading Apprenticeship® framework to increase student engagement and academic achievement in subject area classes.

Research has documented the effectiveness of Reading Apprenticeship for helping students gain the reading independence to master subject area course materials and other “gatekeeper” texts.

Endorsed by leading reading researchers and educators at every level, this book:

  • Presents a coherent framework for improving the reading and subject area learning of all students, including English learners, students with other special needs, students in honors and AP courses, and those in technical and community colleges
  • Includes research-based strategies tested and proven effective in thousands of classrooms
  • Amplifies key points with authentic “classroom close-ups” of students’ and teachers’ interactions
  • Provides concrete instructional and assessment tools
  • Offers a clear vision of how to address the Common Core State Standards

Reading for Understanding proves it’s never too late for teachers and students to work together to boost literacy, engagement, and achievement.


  • Reading for Understanding is a monumental achievement, bringing years of rigorous reading research together in a framework for teaching. Several randomized clinical trials and multiple on-going studies demonstrate the effects of this approach.

    Elizabeth Moje, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and Associate Dean for Research, School of Education, University of Michigan
  • Reading Apprenticeship has proven to be an inspiration to Renton Technical College faculty and students alike. The ideas and strategies in Reading for Understanding anchor this new and broad-based energy around reading. [Renton Technical College has been named an Achieving the Dream leader college based on its use of Reading Apprenticeship approaches to increase student retention and completion rates.]

    Steve Hanson, President, Renton Technical College, Renton, Washington
  • Reading for Understanding has the finest blend I have seen of research, strategies, and classroom vignettes to deepen teacher learning and help them connect the dots between theory and practice.

    Curtis Refior, Content Area Literacy Coach, Fowlerville Community Schools, Fowlerville, Michigan

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Reading for Understanding: How Reading Apprenticeship Improves Disciplinary Learning in Secondary and College Classrooms, 2nd Edition

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amy Keith-Wardlow

    I am not a professional reader. I do it, but begrudgingly. This is the absolute BEST resource I have ever used in my 21 years of education. My book is literally marked up and falling apart. As an instructional coach, the case studies provide real examples that make teachers believe that they can take back and implement in their classroom. Reading Apprenticeship has literally transformed the way I think and the way that many of my teachers teach. This is a must have, must read for anyone who teaches (or is supposed to be) teaching reading in their content area!!!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Theodore Mueller

    The case studies (real life examples) and the resources present in the appendices makes this a necessary resource in your instructional toolkit, and on your bookshelf.

    My recommendation is to work carefully through the initial chapters before working with SSR+. This provides the necessary background.

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