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REL West Research Digest: November 2016

Produced by REL West


To help provide policymakers and practitioners with a more nuanced understanding of English learner students’ education experience, REL West researchers have been working with state and district partners to examine academic progress and achievement across different groups of English language learner students.

Although REL West’s studies each examined different student groups and different achievement metrics, there was a common overarching takeaway: English language learner students are a heterogeneous group with a wide range of needs and outcomes.

The findings can help policymakers and practitioners identify areas for targeted support to improve English language learner students’ learning outcomes and help narrow the achievement gap.

This REL West Research Digest highlights key findings from two of the English Learner Alliance’s most recently published studies, examining:

  • English language learner students’ readiness to transition into mainstream English-only classes
  • High school graduation rates across English language learner student groups

The Digest also includes links to other English language learner resources.

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